How Many Chairs Should You Rent For Your Wedding Day?

Posted on: 29 November 2022

How many chairs do you need to rent for your wedding and reception? The answer varies, but it will have a big impact on how enjoyable the festivities are for you and your guests. To help you help everyone be comfortable, here's what you need to know about chair rentals for each part of the big day.  

1. Chairs for the Ceremony

How many chairs you need for your nuptials themselves depends, of course, on your guest list. Everyone will generally need a seat. However, add an additional buffer of about 10% to 15% to account for unexpected plus-ones, parents bringing children, or party crashers. In addition, don't forget the wedding party prep areas. If these don't have much seating, rent enough chairs for all attendants in the back. 

2. Chairs for Cocktail Hour

Cocktail hour needs the least amount of rented chairs. Most cocktail hour setups involve more mingling and standing than the rest of the wedding. Depending on where you hold cocktail hour, you may be able to borrow some of the chairs rented for other parts of the wedding day. Ideally, look for fun and nonstandard chair options like high stools and lounge seating.

Make sure you provide traditional and accessible seating, though, for older or infirm guests. Scatter these seats throughout the space. And place a few chairs where the wedding party will spend cocktail hour, as some members may already be tired of uncomfortable shoes. 

3. Chairs for the Reception

Finally, there are the chairs for the reception. In general, each individual will need a seat for dinner. You also want to match the number of chairs with the amount and size of tables. If using the same venue, most couples repurpose ceremony chairs as reception chairs. This may or may not work for you depending on your vision for the look of both events. 

As with the ceremony, add a buffer of additional chairs in case of emergency. You may also want to rent unique or special chairs for the wedding party or sweetheart table. Finally, be sure you can move the chairs around as the evening progresses and people mingle more than during dinner. 

Where to Start

Ready to find the perfect number of chairs for your big day? Begin by touring the inventory at a party rental service in your area today. With their expertise and these guidelines, everyone will have a comfortable place to sit and enjoy your wedding. 

Contact a local rental service to learn more about wedding chairs for rent