Family Bonfire Add-On Services To Extend Your Fun

Posted on: 14 May 2021

When you hire a company for family beach bonfire services, your beach experience will include a legal fire permit, a controlled fire, and proper seating around the fire. Along with a basic package, the experience will also include optional add-on packages. The add-ons can extend your night and provide a lot of memorable fun for the family.

Check out some of the add-on options and ways to improve your bonfire experience with the family.

Extra Firewood

Extend the life of your bonfire with an order of extra firewood. The initial batch you receive is only made to last a specific amount of time. The clean-up is typically scheduled for when the fire burns out. When you add extra firewood to your family beach fire services, you also extend your time on the beach.

Even if you brought your own firewood, the time allotted only applies to the initial purchase. So, the purchase of extra firewood is essentially a time extension that everyone can enjoy. The fire will burn longer, and you and your family can go long into the night on the beach.

Bluetooth Music Options

Enjoy multiple forms of entertainment with a Bluetooth speaker rental. Connect phones and tablets to Bluetooth speakers. With the speakers, you can play some ambient music to enjoy while you sit on the beach. The speaker also provides you with app options.

For example, you could play scary stories through the speaker or use sound effect apps to enhance stories that people tell on their own. The speaker provides fun options throughout the night and can completely change the beach experience.

Serving Table

A bonfire is an ideal place to cook and eat snacks like hot dogs or marshmallows. Keep all of your food organized with a serving table rental. Laying out items flat on the beach can create problems with sand, but a higher table will keep the food clean and sand-free.

Use a table to organize plates, condiments, and side options like a large bowl of potato chips.


Provide family fun with some game rentals. Game rentals vary, but many include games that everyone can play while sitting around a fire. The games may include trivia-based games or conversation-based games to get everyone to open up and talk. You may get to choose specific games or receive a random assortment that everyone can choose from.

Mix and match your add-ons based on the family's preferences. Try some out to see how they fit your bonfire until you find the best mix to fit everyone's needs.