Two Reasons To Rent A Bounce House For Your Child's Party

Posted on: 5 April 2021

If your party planner has asked you if you want them to order a bounce house for your child's party, here are two reasons why you should tell them to go ahead and rent one.

It's a safe and easy source of entertainment

One of the challenges of supervising children's parties is that you need to keep all of the kids entertained and ensure that they don't run off or get injured while they're under your care. If this is something that worries you, then you should have the party planner book a bounce house, as it's probably one of the safest and easiest forms of birthday party entertainment you can pick.

If you get a bounce house, you can be almost guaranteed that the children will spend most of the party jumping around inside it, as the majority of kids adore bounce houses and will happily spend hours hanging out in them. Because they'll all be playing this one contained area, you'll find supervising them simpler, as it will be much easier to see if one of them is about to wander off, and to then instruct them to come back.

Additionally, because bounce houses are inflatable, and falling over inside of one feels much the same as falling onto a great big cushion (in that it doesn't hurt at all), the inevitable tumbles the children take while playing in it will be won't cause injuries or lead to party-ruining tears and tantrums.

Not much can go wrong with a bounce house

The other reason why it's a good idea to let your party planner order one of these is that there is pretty much nothing that can go wrong with a bounce house. For example, there are hardly any mistakes you could make that would result in its sudden deflation or it getting blown over. As long as those who set it up ensure that it's stable, and you avoid going near it with anything sharp, it will stay in place and remain fully inflated for the whole party.

Conversely, if for example, you book a magician and or a clown, human error might make the entertainment portion of the party not as engaging as it was meant to be. For example, if the magician makes a mistake when doing their main trick, the kids will probably not be that impressed.

It is worth noting that if something goes wrong with the entertainment you've provided, you'll be stuck with a big crowd of disappointed and bored children, who will expect you to suggest something else that's fun to do. If you can't, you'll be left with a lot of cranky, crying young guests.